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Tips for end of life planning

End of Life Planning - Tips

End of Life Planning really can help your family at a very difficult time and it isn’t just about writing a will. The month of January sees the highest monthly death rate in the UK, so now could be just the right time to face your own mortality and plan ahead. We have put together 10 tips for end of life planning to help you:   

Tidy Up Your Financial Records
Make a record of all your capital assets and debts, include all your property, general contents, vehicles, bank accounts, savings accounts, shares, premium bonds etc. Don’t forget to include debts such as credit card balances, outstanding mortgage accounts and car loan agreements.  Click on the the red word to see an example of a spreadsheet which is a good option; you only need to fill in all the details once, and then update on a regular basis – it will help your executors establish roughly what inheritance tax may be payable, if any. It will also help them identify outstanding debts and ensure that no accounts or paperwork are missed. It is also worth including your regular direct debits, insurances (including life insurances), funeral plans and key contacts like solicitors or accountants on a separate page.

All Digital and Banking Passwords should be stored separately from your financial documents either with a solicitor, trusted executor or family member.

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