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A comprehensive guide for those dealing with probate and other related matters

In producing this site we have sought to provide as much information and advice as possible to assist those faced with dealing with the affairs of a deceased person. Whether you are an executor or simply someone helping to sort the affairs of a deceased person, there will be many useful points of information for you. You may decide not to deal with the probate yourself. On the other hand, you may feel you can handle it yourself, perhaps with professional advice where appropriate. Whatever course you take we are confident you will have a better understanding of the pitfalls and liabilities that can present themselves if you are an executor or administrator once you have read the information here. You may also save the estate and those left behind unnecessary expense.
We have recently added a number of templates to the site. These are practical tools that apply to every death and they have been developed and tested from our own experiences and they really work. By using these you will find the process much easier, and you may also find that you are prompted about matters that would otherwise have been overlooked. If you are planning on using a solicitor to obtain probate on your behalf the proforma letters and other templates should also help you to reduce legal fees payable by the estate, by presenting a comprehensive document to the solicitors. We have also added a glossary of the key words which are used throughout the site – use the Definitions tab above to access this. Look out also for the links to other useful websites and pages within this site which are highlighted in red text – simply click to follow the link.
The site does not simply deal with the affairs of the deceased but also goes beyond that by looking at the affairs of the surviving spouse or partner and how they may be affected by the death. It also includes planning tools for the “living” to ensure that those who may have to deal with their affairs can easily locate the relevant documentation and have simple access to a full and comprehensive knowledge of their estate.

A comprehensive practical guide

Starting with how to register a death, the site takes you through what you need to do first and covers all the notifications and registrations that you need to address. Whilst we show you how to apply for probate we also provide some useful tips on how to identify assets and liabilities that you may not have been aware of and the role of the executor.

Not just about getting probate

Once you’ve obtained probate (either on your own or by using a solicitor) the advice continues. We show you how to release assets, settle liabilities and account for the estate to the beneficiaries. You may want to consider varying the will, you ought to look at the affairs of the surviving spouse or partner and it may be a good time to prepare a “living summary” of your own or for someone else to facilitate the process in the future.

What Our Users Say

“Just to say that I much appreciate the website, it is helpful and informative. It is refreshing to find some important info that is not going to cost an arm and a leg. Thank you, for providing this research tool. I needed to ‘clarify’ something – luckily, your website clarifies the position in crystal clear language.”

Jonathan D.

“The information and templates available on this site helped make a very difficult time much less painful. I thoroughly recommend it to those dealing with a bereavement”. 

Mary S.