Investing the Monies

Once probate or letters of administration have been obtained the assets of the deceased can be passed to the beneficiaries. Consideration will need to be exercised in deciding how the monies are invested. Factors that will need to be considered include:
  • The tax position of the beneficiary
  • Their need for income or capital growth
  • Their age and other income already available
  • Their own exposure to Inheritance tax
  • The possible need to avoid a claim on their assets in the event of care home fees being necessary. See Avoiding Care Home Fees
  • The desire to protect assets from failed relationships in the future
It is often advisable to seek advice from a qualified independent financial adviser who can assess the needs of the surviving spouse or civil partner or other beneficiaries and undertake a full financial review. Finding good independent financial advisers can be difficult Рask family and friends for recommendations or try